Business Insights on Investment Management Systems

When it comes to investment management systems, many business owners have come to believe that the most expensive is always better, or that the cheapest is the worst. Investment management systems is a strategic investment, and you should not settle for less than exactly what you and your business needs to reach your business goals. Before you embark on a search for the right investment management system, you have to make sure that you have the facts straight about what to look for and, more importantly, what to look out for in investment management systems.

A business owner will not be able to navigate without good information, which starts with the data captured in your chart of accounts. The chart forms the structure that allows you to compare results year after year and budget by budget. Investment management systems that offer only segmented account numbers of free-form accounts simply cannot capture information in enough detail to support sophisticated reporting. A powerful investment management system should offer multiple ways to segment information so you can extract the insights you need.

  • User-defined dimensions give the ability to associate relevant business data with any kind of transaction. Multiple dimensions are the key to rich planning, analysis and reporting.
  • User-defined charts of accounts and account groups deliver superior flexibility so you can define account structures for your unique business and industry requirements.
  • User-defined statistical accounts allow you to incorporate operational data into your budgeting, financial reporting and managerial metrics including custom KPIs and ratios.

Captains of industry rely on timely and accurate insight into their business. They have to track data at a fine level of detail without cluttering the chart of accounts and slowing reporting. At a minimum, they have to stay on top of cash flow, operating profit and top line revenue growth to keep their business afloat. And this can be done with a good investment management system.