CRM for Financial Services: Banks and Insurance Companies

In today’s most challenging economic environment, many financial services companies strive to differentiate themselves from competition. However, products, price and distribution models can be imitated by competitors. The best way to attract and retain customers is to deliver an excellent customer experience. CRM for financial services will let your people come up with meaningful and enduring relationship with your customers, while helping improve profitability and operational efficiency. Here are the benefits of CRM for financial services for banks and insurance companies.

Banking. CRM for financial services can help you boost profitability, increase customer retention and proactively manage risk.

  • Cultivate more profitable and enduring customer relationships with CRM for financial services
  • Streamline key banking processes on CRM for financial services with guided dialogs and automated workflows.
  • Help increase wallet share and improve profitability by capitalizing on cross-sell opportunities and by helping ensure that pricing and policies are aligned to retention strategies.
  • Better manage exposure by seamlessly integrating key systems to identify risk-elevating behaviors, like late payments and low credit ratings.
  • Help cut operational costs across branches, call centers and offices by minimizing administrative tasks and busywork with intuitive productivity features.

Insurance. Change your organization from policy-centric to customer-centric, helping your people be more effective with CRM for financial services.

  • Capitalize on new sales opportunities and help improve operational efficiency using the CRM for financial services.
  • Help increase client loyalty and renewal rates with proactive customer service, streamlined claims resolution and faster inquiry handling.
  • Improve broker and agent agility with mobile solutions and tools that reduce busywork to free up time for more relevant and meaningful customer conversations.
  • Gain unprecedented visibility into the sales pipeline, client loyalty, agent/broker productivity and more with real time dashboards and contextual analytics.
  • Help ensure that you meet regulatory compliance using robust workflow and auditing capabilities to capture and track key data areas.