Travel inspiration

Today is an absolutely amazing day, and for no particular reason! I mean, it is Monday, it’s grey out and I’m broke. But non the less, I am feeling in great spirit and feeling enthusiastic about, well just about everything. I have had a really nice weekend, and the week to come entails a trip to London with my work and dear colleagues. So what’s not to like? This weekend I have spent planning a trip to Greenland this summer, where I’ll visit two of my good friends who are moving there to work. So we have been watching a lot of beautiful Greenland travel videos. To be completely honest, I actually had no idea, that Greenland has so much to offer. The country has gotten a well build tourist industry and there are lots of different tours to go on and attractions to see. The nature is overwhelmingly beautiful and vast, and I just can’t wait to see it with my own eyes and to breathe in the arctic air. Especially I want to go whale watching. I have always been fascinated by whales and almost can’t image how amazing it must be to se one in real life and up close. I can really recommend watching these Greenland travel videos if you are looking for travel inspiration.