What is an Investment Manager?

Have you ever wondered what a investment manager is and what you can use it for? The purpose with investment management is to meet specified investment goals for investors, who can be insurance companies, investment funds etc.

Some companies offers tools to help your company with investment management. SimCorp is an example of a company that have specialized in this type of products. You can read more about the version of “Investment Accounting Manager” right here.

To offer you an overview of what Investment Account Manager is, it can be explained as a tool that provides you with the essential cornerstone to build a fully overview of all your positions within your company. Everything you do, is saved in the database which makes all relevant data available to you and allow you to evaluate and report on tasks all time!

In order to save you time and reduce a great amount of risk, the product can provide you with straightforward automation of your administrative and accounting tasks! You will with no doubt benefit from the extensive instrument coverage as well as the simple and fast mark-to-market process.

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