What is SimCorp?

SimCorp is a Danish company working in the industry of financial services. SimCorp provides specialized software and financial expertise for the overall investment management industry. Among others, SimCorp’s customers are insurance companies, pension funds and investment managers.


SimCorp offers different services, allowing companies to mitigate risk, reduce cost and enable growth.


For example you can use the tool called “Order Manager”, which delivers comprehensive trading coverage for your employees. This software will ensure you with flexibility and the accuracy you need. Some of the features it offer is a single screen user interface. This provides you with several benefits, such as the possibility to get an immediate overview and insight in environment which is very easy to navigate.

If you want to know more about SimCorp and the company’s different solutions including how you can use this within your company, you can read more here. When you visit their website, you can also order demos of the different solutions in order to get to know the true value of the software solutions.

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