My experiences with fund accounting

On thing that’s always important when working with general ledger accounting is to have a good software solution that you trust and feel safe working with. In my company we seem to have found the solution that suits our fund accounting best. We use a solution called General Ledger Manager, and in this post I’ll sum up soe og the benefits by using this solution.


  • Position data is available across all asset classes. That minimizes risk because you can apply the same risk models to all of your data
  • Automated workflows in the administrative processes around fund accounding reduces manual interventions and costs
  • The fact that you only use one database eliminates the costs that you would have had, if you used multiple databases and systems
  • A transparent process all the way through the fund accounting enables you to attract more investors
  • On-screen reporting facility makes it easier for you to obtain a complete overview of accounts and balances

All in all this software enables you to automate your general ledger workflows and reduces the time you have to spend on manually solving the fund accounting. Therefore I would gladly recommend using the General Lead Manager, when you need a trustworthy solution for your fund accounting. Get your solution here.

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