What to know about social medias?

Some years ago I thought to myself: well, what’s the fuss with all this social medias? For a while it seemed to have relevance for me at all. But of course times goes by and suddenly it has to do with everything I do in my daily life: socializing, buying online, even companies and business related connections communicate through social medias. Personally I think the whole use of social medias was boosted by the increasing tendency in buying ipads, ipods and smartphones. With all the devices available we must be entertained all the time. I myself have 4 devices in my home which I use for everything, and a great deal of the time I work home and at the moment on Facebook marketing. Yep, going from no social marketing to a lot of social marketing and especially Facebook marketing in a few years. Therefore it really helps to find some good tips for online marketing. Here I figured that Komfo has quite some insights in the marketing on Facebook, and why do I know that? Because they are so friendly to share it with me and all the others interested. They have this site, where they share experience, all kind of stuff from whitepapers to webinars – you should try it.


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